The Hitman's Bodyguard, a review

I went to the theater last night, going into this blind. Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays, I got a ticket for this movie for cheap. I was already moderately hopeful that the movie will do well, due to the star power of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson. Thankfully, I was not disappointed!

What I didn't expect from the movie was it's humour. (That's what I get for not looking up movies a head of time.) I was often laughing out loud at great moments between Reynold's and Jackson's characters. They have a wonderful chemistry that isn't forced. The love story between Elodie Yung and Reynold's character is less great. The sub-plot is a smart diversion from the tropes, and I appreciate that the male character is the one that ultimately admits culpability, but man she seems to forgive a bit too easily. Thankfully it isn't all bad, the movie does pass the Bechdel test.

That being said, it's not the focus of the movie. It's a driving force, no doubt, but the movie is centered on Reynolds and Jackson. They play well off each other and the characters are realistic with believable backstories. The major plot points are predictable, but it's kept from being tired and stale by minor fresh tweaks to the 2 mortal enemies work together plot.

Overall? If you are at the theater, or thinking about going, do keep this one in mind! I definitely plan on watching it again once it is released on the streaming services.