Reset erchef admin password

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Forgetting the admin password to the self-hosted chef server can be a real pain. Assuming you are using the omnibus install of chef-server, you can reset the admin password by logging into the server it's running on via SSH and run:

sudo -u opscode-pgsql /opt/chef-server/embedded/bin/psql opscode_chef -f /tmp/reset.sql

Where /tmp/reset.sql contains the following:

update osc_users set hashed_password='$2a$12$y31Wno2MKiGXS3FSgVg5UunKG48gJz0pRV//RMy1osDxVbrb0On4W', salt='$2a$12$y31Wno2MKiGXS3FSgVg5Uu' where username='admin';

Now you've reset the password, and can log in to the chef server admin page with the user name 'admin' and password 'password'.