Ruwby Bot

My chat bot. Written in Ruby, go figure.

Licensed under apache-2.0

This is my chat bot, "RUWBY". It's written in Ruby. I'm a big fan of RWBY as well. I'm not good at naming things.

Very multi-functional. As I come up with ideas, I'll add them to the bot.

Making a bot

go to applications page, generate a new app then convert the app into a bot copy the client ID of the application, and the bot token, set env vars

My bot has the most amount of permissions possible, which currently is the number '536345663' The URL you then need to load is:

See 1 for details about where the permission number came from. The url was made from 2


All source code in this repository, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for terms.

Copyright 2018-2019 Colin Shea.